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Placeholder Content with the Sitecore Lorem Generator

I’ve received emails from a few of you on my Stenciling and Marketing Stencils series asking about the placeholder text in the various stencils.  A few people noted in my stencil examples that there was different text in very similar stencils asking whether or not it was worth the effort.

The super secret trick is that I didn’t actually generate different text for the stencils.  Rather I built a token generator in Sitecore that generates random lorem lines each time the stencil is created.  You can add field values to either your standard values items or your branch template items like so:


This will generate 10 random lorem sentences for you each time you create an item or alternatively for something such as a title field:


This will generate a lorem blurb of 30 characters or less.

I’ve uploaded the solution to Github here: https://github.com/DustyEves/Sitecore-Lorem-Generator

The code is available or there’s a package you can install to use the tokens.