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Marketing Stencils – Experience Management First

Experience Management First

Most of the Sitecore implementations that I’ve been a part of planned their implementation in a similar way.  Implement Sitecore’s CMS functionality for site launch and implement the digital strategy afterwards.  This approach makes sense in some ways in that any digital strategy has a feedback component that you don’t have until you’ve a live site.  In practice this strategy has some big problems as evident that so many organizations struggle to initiate the second phase.

Its not hard to see why getting phase two initiated is difficult.  By driving to site launch with eyes only on the CMS functionality we end up treating xMarketing as a secondary concern and a bolt-on feature.  To empower marketers and content authors we need to treat the marketing features as first class deliverables.  Thinking of Sitecore as an Experience Management Platform means to build the assumption into our site they we have no expectation of presenting the same experience to the same users.

Site Launch Content

In any site launch there’s content that is likely to be created during the development process and content created by content authors.  The former of these two categories creates an excellent opportunity to apply this principle.  Looking at the example from the Virtual Summit we can take a look at our Shop landing page.

A simple category landing page where we can assert that we ideally would not present the page the same to different audiences.  Focusing on the carousel we have a component that is well suited to personalizing based on our audience.  But what does the authoring experience for our shop page in an Experience Management First approach.

For each of our customer segments we have an editor pane with the slideshow images.  Our authoring experience operates on a built in assumption that we’re presenting a different experience to each audience.  This has the additional benefit of abstracting out the digital strategy such that the content author can effectively create content for all audiences without needing to understand how we delineate between the audiences.

Technical How-To

Setting up the above is pretty straight-forward.  Our carousel is personalized based on defined rules that identify customer segments.  To present the authoring panels we have experience editor only panels that take each of our personalized scenarios as their respective data sources:

A few editor specific panes and viola!  All aspects of our authoring experience are presented.