Dusty Eves


Sitecore Architect with Paragon Consulting

Marketing Stencils – Customer Journey Stencils

The last area we can abstract out digital strategy is in stenciling the customer journey.  From a technical perspective this functions very much the same as our customer segment based personalization (see here for technical details).  The use case and supporting rules are however very different.

The Use Case

Taking our example from the Virtual Summit, below we have a stencil for an article about a Paragon Coffeehouse event.  Nominally our digital journey is a simple three step: Inform, Register, Advocate.  That is to say we first want to tell them about the event, get them to register, and once they’ve registered get them to share the event on social media.  For our technical implementation we just follow the the same pattern for the Custom Visitor Experience but with goal based rules rather than customer profile card based rules.

Authoring Experience

In mapping each of our steps to a goal focused personalization rule it gives us the full digital journey at content-creation time.  This abstracts the digital journey out from the author with the editors for each personalization as below: