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Sitecore Item Renderings Part 2

A common pattern for multi-item components in Sitecore is to provide a rendering component a data source of a folder and iterate through each item in the folder to build the rendering.  The example below is a common use for

Sitecore Stenciling — Multi-Item Components

Introduction This post assumes familiarity with the concept of stenciling.  If you’re not, I recommend a look at Intro to Sitecore Stenciling for some of the basic concepts. Stenciling at the component levels give our content authors a starting point

Ideal Initial Sitecore Solution Setup

The initial Sitecore solution setup, day one, slogged through and forgotten.  It’s something the veterans in the field take for granted, and as such there’s not much on how it’s done put to paper.  For anyone new to Sitecore this

Avoiding Solution Entropy With Sitecore MVC

Introduction The introduction of Sitecore MVC has brought a proven successful design pattern into the Sitecore ecosystem.  In a lot of ways this seemed a very natural addition to Sitecore as it was already a Model View Presenter paradigm.  As