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Marketing Stencils – Customer Journey Stencils

The last area we can abstract out digital strategy is in stenciling the customer journey.  From a technical perspective this functions very much the same as our customer segment based personalization (see here for technical details).  The use case and supporting

Marketing Stencils – Custom Visitor Experience

In our last section we looked at implementation created pages with an eye towards presenting differently to our different audiences but this doesn’t offer much help with creating new content.  Here we’re going to look at new content stencils wherein

Marketing Stencils – Experience Management First

Experience Management First Most of the Sitecore implementations that I’ve been a part of planned their implementation in a similar way.  Implement Sitecore’s CMS functionality for site launch and implement the digital strategy afterwards.  This approach makes sense in some

Marketing Stencils — Visitor Insights

Marketing Stencils at a High Level At the Sitecore Virtual Summit I presented the concept of Marketing Stencils.  Broadly speaking in Sitecore a Marketing Stencil is a content authoring artifact that abstracts aspects of the digital strategy from the authoring

FXM Part 3 – Click Tracking

Introduction Of all the FXM features introduced in Sitecore 8 this is by far the coolest.  I was skeptical when I saw the button in the Experience Editor to track click events.  It seemed there was no way that tracking

Intro to Federated Experience Manager

Introduction Sitecore has unarguably elevated marketing automation and experience management to new levels. Such marketing power and we can’t use that power until we re-implement all of our websites in Sitecore.  Or can we?  Needless to say it is neither