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Placeholder Content with the Sitecore Lorem Generator

I’ve received emails from a few of you on my Stenciling and Marketing Stencils series asking about the placeholder text in the various stencils.  A few people noted in my stencil examples that there was different text in very similar

Marketing Stencils – Customer Journey Stencils

The last area we can abstract out digital strategy is in stenciling the customer journey.  From a technical perspective this functions very much the same as our customer segment based personalization (see here for technical details).  The use case and supporting

Marketing Stencils – Custom Visitor Experience

In our last section we looked at implementation created pages with an eye towards presenting differently to our different audiences but this doesn’t offer much help with creating new content.  Here we’re going to look at new content stencils wherein

Marketing Stencils – Experience Management First

Experience Management First Most of the Sitecore implementations that I’ve been a part of planned their implementation in a similar way.  Implement Sitecore’s CMS functionality for site launch and implement the digital strategy afterwards.  This approach makes sense in some

Sitecore Item Renderings Part 2

A common pattern for multi-item components in Sitecore is to provide a rendering component a data source of a folder and iterate through each item in the folder to build the rendering.  The example below is a common use for

Sitecore Stenciling — Multi-Item Components

Introduction This post assumes familiarity with the concept of stenciling.  If you’re not, I recommend a look at Intro to Sitecore Stenciling for some of the basic concepts. Stenciling at the component levels give our content authors a starting point

Intro to Sitecore Stenciling

Introduction A good Sitecore implementation puts tremendous power at the fingertips of an organizations marketing team.  Long behind us are the days of needing the IT department for every change that needs to be placed on a website, and now

Effective Use of Hedgehog TDS

Why TDS Team Development for Sitecore.  If you’ve ever experienced the pain of trying to work as a team on a Sitecore project without it then you know it pays for itself many times over when compared to working without

Referenced Renderings – How They Work

So you've seen what Referenced Renderings can do, but how do we do it... Sitecore Artifacts In that most of this was covered in the how-to I'm not going to go too deeply into these, but feel free to to

Referenced-based Presentation Definition

Intro If you’re like me it’s always bothered you that in a typical site the header of the site is 5 or 6 components that we essentially have copy-pasted on every page in the site.  We don’t want to sacrifice